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Uhhh, Wow, Shoot

I'm, like, procrastinating cuz I should be putting stuff in boxes right now, but I'd rather procrastinate instead. I decided to look up sweat lodges in the area I'm gonna be moving to. So I found one, and I'm all, okay, this is different than the one I usually go to - let's see if it has any reviews. So I googled "____ Sweat Lodge reviews" and a site came up that was called "Don't Pay To Pray." And it was this blog that was inspired by those sweat lodge deaths that happened a while back. It listed a bunch of sweat lodges that charge admission, sayin' that they're bad, cuz you're not supposed to pay for a sweat lodge. I could get into a whole discussion about that, but I won't right now.

Cuz, like, the site added a layer of confusion to my already confused world. It looked like it was written by a Native American person, and the person talked about how it was bad for white people to go to sweat lodges cuz it's stealin' spirituality away from the indigenous people it came from.

It made me sad, cuz I wonder...do all those sweat lodges I go to actually do violence, in some way, to Native American people? Fuck, dude. I don't wanna do violence to 'em, cuz they've already been crapped on enough. I dunno. I mean, I can understand how people might think it's all tacky and New Agey for a buncha white folks to do this stuff. It's almost like they're pretending to be Native American and stuff.  And like, you're getting all these benefits from Native American spiritual traditions without givin' anything back, I suppose. On the other hand, it doesn't seem like you're doing harm by just doin' something that's nice and spiritual and that resonates with you. And if it does the purification it's supposed to do, maybe you emerge from it more clear-thinking and able to make this world a better place.

But, I dunno. I feel bad, cuz I don't wanna be some big asshole cuz I go to sweat lodges. But, then again, I know there're some Native American people who encourage white folks to learn Native American spiritual traditions cuz it promotes a way o' thinkin' that benefits the earth and all that. So I guess maybe I can just agree with the ones who think it's alright for me to go to sweat lodges and keep on going to sweat lodges.

But, I wonder. Can a certain group o' people own a type of spirituality? So nobody else can use it? Huh. Maybe. Hmmm.

Then again, it seems like all different kinds of spiritualities meet in the middle and have a lot of similar things to say. Whatever tradition you use can just be a doorway that opens you up to universal truths and wonderful cool stuff.

I dunno, man. I don't wanna do violence to Native American people by going to sweat lodges cuz that would suck. That would really suck.
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