enosdrive (enosdrive) wrote,

I wonder if there are types of music that're bad for you.

It's weird, man. I've been thinking about music on-and-off because every once in a while, I hear some idiot's stereo off in the distance.

See, this dude in Japan, named Masaru Emoto, did these experiments on water, where he looked at the ice crystals that formed when it was frozen, microscopically. I'm not really describing it that well - that's sort of a simplification. Anyway, he tried exposing the water to classical music, and it formed these really pretty crystals. Then he tried heavy metal music, and the crystals were all malformed and asymmetrical and fragmenty.

I dunno, man. I listen to a bit o' heavy metal music, myself. 'Specially when I wanna get out some emotions by singing to the music at the top of my lungs in my car. Is that music bad for me? Is it? Hmmmm.

But, when I hear idiots' stereos off in the distance, where all you hear is this gross, malformed version of a rhythm section (by virtue of how sound waves travel, I guess), I totally understand how music can be bad for you. There's something so creepy and gross about it. I can't describe it. It's like a foreign presence. It's like having a sliver that you haven't taken out yet. It feels like it gets in there and jumbles up all your molecules and makes 'em all confused and disorderly. It's actually physically painful.

Is it cuz I'm aware o' how the water I'm mostly made up of is reacting to the music? Hard to say. I know other people're really sensitive to that shit, too. It's funny, though. Cuz I know of just as many people who are not sensitive to it at all.

I mean, if certain people're all sensitive to these dumb vibrations cuz of how water is reacting to the music, then I wonder why other people're so oblivious to it; cuz you'd think if it was bad for you at that fundamental level, that those other people would feel pain when exposed to it. You'd think everybody would feel pain when exposed to it.

I dunno, man. It's some food for thought, I guess. Or maybe not.
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