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Okay, I wanted to post something more positive after that last blog entry.

I went to this thingy about a month and a half ago. Or, no, it was 2 months ago. I brought an excerpt from my comic book to this thingy cuz some of the people at the thingy had requested that I bring an excerpt to show them.

I did so. The first girl who looked at it totally flipped out cuz she loved it so much. She's all the way ready to buy the comic book when it comes out. The next 3 people were very polite about it. I could tell it wasn't their thing.

The weird thing is, the me of the past would have walked away from that gathering remembering the 3 people that weren't into it, and I woulda beat up on myself and tell myself how bad it was and all that.

But it was different this time, in that I walked away, saying "if 1 in 4 people likes this, then that's pretty fucking good, man." Cuz, like if 1 in 4 people like it, like that's a quarter of the world's population. There's lots of people in this world. That's a lot of people. That is good.
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