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Poopy Excerpt

Oh, my. No I know what I'll do. I'll post my NaNoWriMo excerpt on here. In it, there's a moth fluttering on the table between 2 characters.

I’m not looking directly at George, but I can see that he’s looking at the moth, too.
“Why can’t it fly?” I say. “It’s just fluttering.”
George says, “It’s too fat.”
“Oh,” I say. “Why’d it be too fat?” That’s confusing. I didn’t think there’d be moths too fat to fly. That seems like an evolutionary disadvantage.
George says, “I think it’s a girl moth – it’s got eggs and all those eggs make it fat.”

“Oh,” I say. That sounds really boring, to be a moth that’s so full of eggs that it can’t fly. That sounds like a boring life.

And here's the cover of the NaNoWriMo book:

structure thingy

If you've seen my song blog, you probably know that this is the illustration for a song in there, as well. This structure really is what the story's about - it really is! It's just a very abstract representation of it. Although if I wanted it to reflect, more accurate, the pisspoor poopy landscape that the characters go through, it would be more dark blue-ish in color.
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