enosdrive (enosdrive) wrote,

Rich PPL and Nature - Fuckpoopshitfartfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckturdfuck

I was driving around the other day, looking for places to run in this dumb area I just moved to. I remembered that the house I used to live in - when I lived here before - was near some really pretty foothills. I thought, cool, I'll look and see if there're any places to run in those there foothills. Cuz, like, nature is a nice place to run in.

I mean, I could just run on the streets here, in LA-poops, but I'd rather run in nature. So I drove to those there hills in Altadena to take a look and see where I could run.

I drove up this 1 street, and I was almost at the hills. Yay!!!! I thought. But, wait, no. I came to this gate. It was this guarded-gate-thingy that looked like it was the barrier between the regular-world and a rich-people-housing-complex. Dang, I said.

So I drove up another street. Dead end.

Then I drove up another street. Dead end at an ugly-looking park.

Then I drove up another street. I was just about at the foot of the foothills, and I thought, Yaaaaay!!!! I'm almost there.

Wait, no, it was another gate to another rich-people-housing complex. It seems that, if you want to get near nature, these days, you have to be rich enough to own property in nature. All the rest of us have to settle for looking at it from a distance. (Okay, I'm exaggerating here, just a bit, but the absurdity of it all makes me want to um, I don't know. Laugh and cry and rip things apart all at once).

Like, back in the day, before humans thought it was a good idea to build ugly buildings ontop of everything, like back in the Tribal, Hunter-Gatherer-Days, or whatever-you-wanna-call-it, like, all there was was nature. We were surrounded by it. Because it was the world. Right?

And then humans decided to put ugly buildings on every square foot they could get their hands on. But then they realized, oh shit. There's something about nature that we miss. it's really sad.

So they decided that people with millions of dollars who could afford to live in these gated communities were privileged enough to be in nature. All the rest of us must consign ourselves to these concrete jungles that look like shit and are filled with carcinogens and all that poopystuff.

Okay, yeah, I'm exaggerating a bit. But there's still a bit o' truth in it. I mean, anybody can go to a national park if they have the leisure time to be able to get there. But, like, it's odd that the WHOLE WORLD used to look like nature, cuz that's just how the regular-world is/was. And now in order to be able to see things the way they used to look, you have to drive a long distance, and be met with a stupid gate. Or be rich enough to be able to afford it. Poopywipes. Fuckpoopshitfartfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckfuckturdfuck.
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