enosdrive (enosdrive) wrote,

More Thoughts on Refugees

No, I just wanted to say...it's all so very odd. Maybe it's not so odd.

The Paris attacks made me feel even more unified with the refugees from Syria than I was before. Because they're suffering very-first-hand at the hands of the horrible people who are creating all this awfulness. It's the same horrible people that terrorized Paris.

It made me feel like, hey, let's stand in unity with the refugees and let a bunch of them in. Y'know? Again, I wish I could put the emotions I'm feeling into words. I just feel so sad that they're suffering so much. It makes me unhappy that people in congress and governors and shit want to keep them out. Why? Cuz they have the same color skin as the isis-assholes. What the fuck, man? Who cares what their skin color is? I don't get it.

It makes me sad. I hope President Obama wins and we're able to let them in. Like people're saying: here we have the holidays coming up and here's a bunch of Middle Eastern people looking for lodging. Sounds a bit like Jesus' parents, doesn't it?
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