enosdrive (enosdrive) wrote,

Another Excerpt (Timmy and Bobby are Still a Little Fucked Up)

I feel like this is somewhat like a vision question, even though it’s not an ordinary one. A vision question. That sounds weird. No, wait, I meant to say, “vision quest,” and not necessarily question.”
“Maybe it is a vision question,” sez Bobby. “Maybe we’re out to answer a certain specific question.”
“What do you think it could be?” I say.
“Maybe the question is about tricks. And spiders. All that. Maybe the question is about how weird we’re feeling on this planet.”
“Yeah,” I say.
“How weird we’re feeling on this planet,” continues Bobby. “It feels like things in these time periods are falling apart.”
“Right before our very eyes,” I agree.
“Yeah,” sez Bobby. “It feels like the world is getting faster and faster ever since nine eleven happened. Now that nine eleven happened, everything’s all fucked up.”
“Shit, that’s true!!!!” I say all excitedly. “Nine eleven is when everything started to change.” My stoned vision is seeing all these eleven shaped buildings like the world trade center was shaped. I keep on seeing elevens in my eyes, and now I’m realizing that, on a sub-conscious level, I’ve been seeing nine elevens everywhere. I continue, “Those eleven shaped buildings are everywhere, they’re buried in our sub-conscious. We’re seeing elevens everywhere, but we just don’t know it. I’ve been seeing elevens all along, and I just haven’t been knowing it!”
“Shit, dude, that’s some heavy-duty stuff,” sez Bobby.
“Yeah,” I say. “I think we’re getting somewhere with this. I think this is leading us somewhere.”
“Where’s it going?” sez Bobby curiously.
“I’m not sure yet,” I say. “I think it might have something to do with this vision question, or I mean, quest that we’re on.”
“Okay, okay,” sez Bobby, looking kind of excited, but also really stoned cuz his eyes are all red.
“I think, I think,” I say. “I think that on nine eleven, the world, it got broke apart.”
“Yeah, yeah,” sez Bobby to show that he’s following. He looks excited, but also really stoned cuz his eyes are all red.
“I think with, what with nine eleven, it’s like the world got broke apart.”
“Yeah,” sez Bobby, and I can tell he’s following, even though he looks really stoned, with his eyes all red, the way they are.
“The world got broke apart,” I continue, “and nothing has been the same ever since. I think maybe on this vision question thingy that we’re on. Or I mean, vision quest. I think with this thing we’re on, we’re here to figure out how to put the world back together. We’re here to do the repair work. We’re putting things together.”
“That sounds really cool,” sez Bobby. “We’re gonna put things back together!”
“We can do it,” I say, and in this moment of stonedness, I really feel like this is the truth of it. That we really can put the world back together again. Like humpty dumpty.
But now that I’m thinking of that old nursery rhyme, I’m getting this aversive feeling coming to me. I’m not really in favor of old nursery rhymes. It’s like they don’t belong to me. They’re not mine. They’re just these darned things that’re imposed upon me. I’m glad I noticed that, because I don’t think I’m gonna tell Bobby about Humpty Dumpty. It sounds stupid.
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