enosdrive (enosdrive) wrote,

Write and Drink Water and Write About Drinking Water

Oh, right, it's the last day of 2015. It started out just fine, this year did. Then I entered stressland. Then it got better cuz I did lots of good art. And then it got stressful again. And then it ended on a really really really really sad note. Fuckpoopshitfarts.

I wasn't even going online to review this year. I was just bored and had nothing to do cuz the thing at work that I'm supposed to be doing right now ain't a-happening. So here I am, writing.

No, the reason I got online to write was to do that boring thing I do where I write about writing. See, me and my friend wanna write a book together. And the thing-it's-about is a really cool idea for a book. Well, she came up with the idea. I'm just along for the ride.

Anywayyyy. I keep on writing bits of it in my mind and they all sound dumb. I realize 2 things I'm doing are wrong, and I've discovered these dumb things over and over in my life but still keep doing them. First of all, writing never goes well when it's just in your head. I dunno why, but it always comes out dumb. You just gotta start writing - like, for reals - not in your head. Like, doing the actual writing.

Second of all, I keep on thinking about who's gonna see it. There's gonna be my friend seeing it, and possibly lots of other people if we get this thing published. As I was mind-writing this thing, it became evident to me that I was making the mistake of "writing", with the anticipation of other people seeing it.

See, writing goes better if you pretend nobody's gonna see it. If you write as if nobody's gonna see it, then you can turn off that dumb, internal censor that has a tendency to kill creativity. When I made that re-realization, I started to mind-write, but in darker ways. I started to mind-write about stuff that even my friend couldn't see.

See, that's where I gotta start.

As a person who never makes new years resolutions, this is novel territory for me (no pun intended). I'm makin' the resolution to actually start writing this book and let the darker stuff come out as much as I want it to, as if nobody's gonna see it. Cuz after all, I can edit the damn thing later.

And drink more water. That's the other resolution.
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